Thursday, 24 July 2008

young folks

Thursday, 24 July 2008

its so good being young. being either a teenager or a kid works out well. apparently

in other related news ive finally got my hands on the teenagers in tokyo ep..
i love releases like this one because they really take a while to grow on you.. at first i found the music a bit repetitive and samantha lim's vocals a bit droney but then their spooky grave rock really made a mark..
i find that there is much more to T.I.T's sound than meets the eye- subtle changes to basslines, vocals or synths really add nice layers and depth to their sound.

Teenagers In Tokyo - Death Rides A Horse

Teenagers In Tokyo - Black Bones

you have hopefully heard their other popular songs 'very vampyr' (which our own Dcup did a remix of) and 'robocat'.. if you haven't (or even if you have) go along and get their EP from their myspace- will be a wise investment

in other news, LA producer Crash Overdrive sent through some of his tracks and i must say that im pretty impressed.. after hearing so many poorly produced ableton efforts in my time, it is always refreshing to hear tracks that are properly mastered and produced.
Crash Overdrive sound can only be described as frantic.. layers upon layer of desperate, frantic synths create bangers that would be absolutely intense during a smashed dance.. very nice paranoid techy electro bangers

Crash Overdrive - Cyberdelia

Crash Overdrive - Crash and Burn

if you likee dem please go on down to his myspace and show some love- there are other tracks there that you can download!

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Crash Overdrive said...

Thanks guys! Thanks for helping to spread the word! One thing though, the link to my myspace doesn't work. I should just be