Friday, 8 August 2008


Friday, 8 August 2008

after a many a listen recently, im still not 100% sold with this full on disco stuff... i do love listening to it- but would it fill out a d-floor? i know that in a few months such a question will seem stupid in one way or another but after so many moons of bangerszszsz can people get as pumped up about disco???
(i guess people will get pumped about whatever everyone else is getting pumped about)
i really have no idea, and for now i think that it would be good to play/hear 'transitional' or new-wave disco..
i think that i actually like this kind of disco a little more anyway..

The Rapture - Sister Saviour (DFA Dub)

The Faint - Mirror Error

Cobra Dukes - Airlight (Aeroplane Remix)

i know that many of you will probably just think that these sort of tracks are just indie dance tracks but i do think that there is a lot of crossover with the floaty highs, funky basslines..
if you dont believe me check out these primo O-S disco traxx and compare..

Escort - Love in Indigo

J Walter Negro And The Loose Jointz - Shoot The Pump

hmm maybe they would pack out a club.. maybe the indie vocals arent as passionate or.. black as the O.G. tracks but i still think there are similarities.

this is really a nice refreshing direction. and maybe this will see peeps busting out old vinyls as well..!
definitely a good thang

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