Thursday, 7 August 2008

d balls

Thursday, 7 August 2008

i guess that the *disco* whispers have turned into a dull roar.. its funny how music cycles work..
i suppose if you wanted to analyze the whole thing, it makes sense.. after 2 or 3 years of getting their ears blasted off by electro and fidget, people want a more chilled, yet equally dancey alternative... hmm..

(i hate to be someone to do a new bandwagon blog post but anyhoo..)

there are many ways to look at the new disco charge, and many facets within it to be aware of.. first and most obviously is the old school 70's and 80's disco that has been revived.. secondly are the old-school italo disco beats which have been so nicely brought up to speed lately.. and thirdly is stuff that can pass as modern disco- perhaps stuff like fred falke/alan braxe, lifelike, and some miami horror..
but what im gonna try and focus on now is the new wave of disco s**t coming through from thw swedish crew..

im sure many of yall would have heard of Sally Shapiro.. i reckon she i probably the figurehead of this new wave of pure disco with her innocent, porcelain-like voice and ice cold beats made by superstar Johan Agebjorn..

Sally Shapiro - I'll Be By Your Side

Sally Shapiro - Find My Soul (Norweigan Electrojazz Mix)

Sally Shapiro - I Know Your My Love (Juan Maclean Remix)

i think the production in these songs is awesome.. really brings the whole disco thing into the '08.. the only thing that seems a little weird are the lyrics.. am i the only one that has picked up on this?? sure she has a nice voice that matches the music really well but don't they just seem really cheesy? or maybe the sheesy lyrics make the songs better and more.. pure? or am i just seriously un-rad?
dont get me wrong though- two thumbs up to sally and johan..

cloetta paris is another very disco-ey group that i have discovered recently.. they have a very similar sound to Sally Shapiro. despite what i said just then, i think that that i might like their music better because the lyrics seem much more well thought out and written. Sally Shapiro's

Cloetta Paris - Young Girls In Town

Cloetta Paris - Already Missing You

there have been no interwicked remixes done or cloetta paris yet though which is upsetting.. haha on further listens much of this music would totes win Eurovision.. haha

this disco sound is one that ive loved for ages.. i guess my friends call this sound 'subtle shrub system'.. music that sounds good on the d-floor, at work or out of your speakers in your bedroom.. music that you can chill to or get smashed to.. will be so awesome and interesting (awesomely interesting) to see what comes out of this phase

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