Tuesday 5 August 2008

ya ya

Tuesday 5 August 2008

i really wish that i could think today.. then i could maybe put together some words to help describe.. anything.

ive just come across these autoKratz tracks which i rather like.. it seems like these boys are playing every party every where in europe these days.. and good on them.
you are probably already familiar with their older songs ('pardon garcon' and 'stay the same' being notable ones), and if you like them, then you will probably like these ones too

autoKratz - French Girls Play The Guitar

autoKratz - Reaktor

i reckon that 'French Girls Play Guitar' is actually my favourite autoKratz track with its very jivable electro-funk bassline and stop-start rhythm.

i'm not sure how this Cazals remix is like an 80's heartthrob but it is a nice bit of work by autoKratz..

Cazals - To Cut A Long Story Short (autoKratz 80's Heartthrob Mix)

sorry for my shitness but i seriously feel dumb today..


Anonymous said...

I rather enjoyed 'French Girls Play the Guitar', but it made me wonder - do you listen to this music, say, on the train? Or when you're sitting around at home? It sounds good and everything, and I would enjoy it in a club or social environment, but other than that, what is the point? It's clever, I suppose, to create something out of, as you said, such stop-start rhythm, and not making it too grating - but what incentive do I have to ever want listen to it again? A personal attraction is usually lets me 'catch' music, which I suppose is difficult without lyrics or musical movements/concepts to go with it. But you know that moment when it clicks and, whatever it is you're hearing, just explodes in your brain and in your ears and all around you, and it chokes and you sweat and your heart jumps and that is all you want to hear right in that moment? I can't see getting that with stuff like this.
Or is that precisely what this is? A memory based thing, where the derivative beat might remind you of another song, or a good night out, or whatever?

(Not an attack or anything dude, just my thoughts. I'm trying to learn to appreciate electronic music a little more).

Anonymous said...

Also what's the deal with the two other contributors who never write anything? And what happened to the girl that posted at the very beginning of Blouse?