Monday 8 September 2008


Monday 8 September 2008

i would probably say that the friday just gone was one the most unsatisfying nights ive had for a long time. you know those sort of nights that see you wandering the streets arguing about where the f**k to go and s**t? so wasteful and cold.

however, what was more disappointing than the marathon that we ended up walking was the music that that was being played..
i dont know how djing got to the point its at now but i think its a bit of a joke.
sure, putting a few funny or unexpected tracks into a set is fun, but (poorly) mixing together novelty track after novelty track is taking the piss isnt it? if i wanted to hear a mix of the best of the 80's and 90's i would probably stay at home and listen to triple M or go to the tea gardens.
i was relieved when the misshapes left the country because i thought that they would have taken their lack of skill and stupidity with them but it looks as if they left it behind.

its mind boggling to see these fools playing these crap songs when there is so much good music going around at the moment- whatever you listen to.
...well actually i cant really back a statement like that up.. i guess i only really know about like 5 or 6 genres.
and out of those genres, today i only feel like posting about 1. so ya

if you've read blouse before, you probably already know that im a big fan of this whole indie disco thing.. it really is so versatile and funky. im probably a wee bit late on the whole thing but im trying to make myself feel better about that by telling myself that tracks like these are my interpretations of this nu-disco thang..

one nu-disco group ive recently discovered are fujiya and miyagi who have recently released an album called "Lightbulbs"..

Fujiya & Miyagi - Hundreds and Thousands

at first glance, their little bass-driven tracks on seem rather light hearted and fun, but further listens reveal more layers in both lyrical and musical structure.. this however cant help the fact that the songs on the album sound markedly similar to each other and that actually listening to the entire album through requires you to be firmly in the mood for it.

Fujiya & Miyagi - Uh

sure, fujiya and miyagi might not be ideal for a rockin' dj set but i think that they would still be pretty rad party songs.. and to be honest, i would rather hear songs in this LCD soundsystem-ish vein than hanson or mariah carey (please take note misshapes and crappy oxford art factory djs)..

a group called 'The Model' also recently sent through a track of theirs called 'What Does It Look Like I'm Doing?" which has grown on me heaps in the last few days or so

The Model - What Does It Look Like I'm Doing?

this track is glamourous indie disco at its best.. somewhere between van she and the scissor sisters, this track perfectly represents my vision of what dance music will(/might) become. haha and it may well become a bit of a gay anthem this summer as well

other awesome indie disco bands have been slaughtered on the blogs of late so i wont waste yours or my time going over them but i will chuck them up here just in case you missed them. thats how much we love you

Friendly Fires - White Diamonds

Late Of The Pier - Broken

if you havent come across Friendly Fires or Late of the Pier yet, please do yourself a favour and go and check them out- both really good artists with really nido first up albums

and as an added bonus addition

Popular Computer - Lost & Found (Shinichi Osawa Remix) - hes proving himself to be quite the diverse producer with recent tracks ranging from banger to disco.. what a dreamboat

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here here, Thankfully for some of us, after said friday night, can turn up that small roundish clickwheel and loose ourselves in a blousean onslought. word.