Tuesday 23 September 2008

cold water and ice

Tuesday 23 September 2008

not so long ago i was repulsed by the idea of 'pop music'.. call me uneducated, but the thought of britney spears strutting around a stage of dancers didn't exactly fit my idea of apple pie.

i recently reached a sort of pop 'moment of clarity' though when i realised that a lot of the music that i have been listening to lately (like goldfrapp, pnau and cut copy) could be (probably loosely) categorised as pop.. so i guess the point of this lame story is that my outlook on pop has been changed a lot..

with this change of attitude, i feel a lot better about addressing my guilty pleasures of yesteryear:

George Michael - Fast Love


in more wholesome pop news- ladyhawke has released her debut album.
iam SO aware that only britney spears herself would be unaware of this fact- and believe me i'm trying furiously NOT to check out the other blogs to see what they've they've said/posted cos i want to put my two cents in unsullied..

Ladyhawke - Love Don't Live Here Anymore

Ladyhawke - Professional Suicide

Ladyhawke - Danny & Jenny

if you read blouse, you might have known that i was damned excited about this album.. from day one, the whole pip brown thang had me hook, line and sinker.. modular really are blessed with someone like this cos her voice, steez, and musical skillz are gonna take her right to the top t.montana style..
so after all this anxious waiting and anticipation for this album i guess im kind of disappointed by it.. on first listens i really dug it- hearing a album full of her singing will always be nice and with such a good diversity of music running throughout, i thought i had struck gold..
but a few listens down the track, there are some little things that are starting to get to me.. i guess the main thing is the way that she replicates her influences.. i know that its important to use your influences to develop your sound and image but it really is also important to distinguish yourself from them.. after a while, i sort of found her album to be one step above a fleetwood mac/heart/entirety of 80's tribute album.. cut copy had similar criticisms after 'bright like neon love' and i think that with 'in ghost colours', they developed their sound to a point where they not only used the music that influenced them but built on it. heres to hoping that ms brown can do tha same y'all..
thats not to say that shes not gonna be a supermegastar after this album.. rest assured that she will be playing every summer festival EVER. and rocking it.

in other more disco-ie news here are some 80's disco pop jams from RAH band..

The Rah Band - The Shadow Of Your Love

The Rah Band - Mystery Boy

RAH stands for richard anthony hewson and back in the day- he dominated that studio.. word on the street was that he was the only one in the band.. good on him- good beats good good good

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