Thursday, 18 September 2008

Rubicon = Disco

Thursday, 18 September 2008

I bought shiny shoes last week and they’re wanting to be taken out and they’ve decided it’s going to be the relaunch of Rubicon this Friday. They don’t want vomit stains from Moulin or stale beer from Candy’s or Smirnoff Double Black with grenadine spilt on them by some loose bitch at Plantation. They want to be demented on the dance floor.

I’m quietly excited for the return of Rubicon. Clubbing in this city is getting so stale. My shoes agree. Shiny shoes love a night of sweaty, disco music. They want a fresh dancefloor after dancing on the same electro-stained shit in Kings Cross for the past 12 months. Rubicon is a punch in the balls to Sydney’s nightlife.

Seriously. Disco charm all night long, happy hour from 9-10pm, and if someone spots me in my shiny shoes, i’m paying for their cab ride home. At 5am.

Get in the mood you dance predator:

Dj Friction - Heaven must be like this

Moulinex - Breakchops (Grum Mix)

Beni - My love sees you

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katrina hs said...

loving the disco! great tracks