Thursday 16 October 2008

take me to collins

Thursday 16 October 2008

sometimes i just say "thank you, thank you" for the music that gets emailed to us here at blouse..
i found myself saying something very similar to that the other day when i recieved Fare Soldi's new album 'Sappiamo Dove Abiti". i seriously don't know what most of the lyrics mean on this album, but i have heard on the grapevine that "Sappiamo Dove Abiti" means "We Know Where You Live".. which is actually a good thing because their mission is to make you dance..

Fare Soldi - I Wanna Feel Collins

Fare Soldi - Puff Dandy

to be quite frank, i dont think ive come across music this entertaining in ages.. i would describe it as modern italo-disco party music, but i think that its actually a bit more intelligent than that.. sort of like girl talk with a band and business/law degree (so no silly dirty south raps or mashups)..

Fare Soldi - (Take Me To) Zingales

does anyone know what damned song they are sampling here?? its been bugging me and everyone at work all day

anyways.. if you feel like having a party in your headphones like i have been having all day, toddle along and grab a Fare Soldi album here.. there are also a few fare soldi dj mixes here so seriously go and get involved

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Anonymous said...

I know the sample!

It's from a "Cardigans" song... i suppose the song name is "My favourite game" but i'm not sure... Surely the name of the band is The Cardigans...

P.S: Zingales is the surname of a famous italian electronic reviewer, Christian Zingales... Funny!