Saturday 20 December 2008


Saturday 20 December 2008

bye everyone.. christmas holidays are calling me. my dog needs to be thrown into the sea. ill be back in like a week or something.
hope y'all have fun time over your holidays

ive got some absolute sparklers to leave you with though.. lifelike sparklers

Lifelike - Running Out

Sebastien Leger - Victory (Lifelike's Flashing Victory Vision Remix)

NuMatic - In The Morning (Lifelike Remix)

although a bit dated, these tracks are still easily up there with my favourite lifelike songs. you can really hear the difference between these tracks and his new ones as well.. (these ones are a lot techier and d-floor friendly).
seriously, lifelike is a genius.
and im sure that like me, he would like to wish you a merry christmas

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