Friday, 19 December 2008

last days

Friday, 19 December 2008

ok this might be rather lame, but what the hey.. im going to do a bit of a reminiscing post.. i guess i havent been overly excited about much music of late anyway and the combination of much alcohol and a last day at work is kind of going to my head..

ok ive chosen these songs to share cos they are still songs that i go back to after all this time and i guess they were important songs in my formative electronic years.. or something

these first two tracks were absolute highlights from my lot 33 days circa 2004.. they always seemed to come on at the perfect time and their overt (cheesy) euro charm certainly worked a treat for pred- the dj that utterly owned that club for so long. i know that im not the only person that can still taste the deliciously smoky air when thinking back to those heady days.. ahhhhhhhh

Bon Garcon - Freek U (Full Intention Dub)

please dont be put off by full intention haha- trust me its a pretty fun expedition in euro.. the middle eastern sounding hook really interacts and wraps itself around the bassline so perfectly.. maybe even enough to see past all that cheese.

Magnolia - Its All Vain (Steve Angello Remix)

i can remember back to the days when i searched for this song frantically.. the disgusting euro vocal hook really digs into your mind until you cant help but sing the tune (even though you dont really know where its from).. YES it is very euro but angello's mix also has traces of the airy, synth driven french house that lifelike, braxe and falke have made so famous.. (and is pure class)

this last song was actually my first notable foray into the electro world..
coming from canberra, i was restricted to listening to music much like the housey efforts above when i went out..
when i came to sydney one weekend a few years ago i was blown away by the zdarlights and waters of nazareths that i had never heard before.. such a revelation.. i actually heard 'echo' on the way out of an after party- i made my friend wait while i listened to it..

Luke Dzierzek - Echo

at first the mess of distorted electro sounds is a bit too much but the rhythm and syncopation that luke dzierzek brings in during the chorus really set this track apart.. i dont really listen to any more electro, but 'echo' still stands as one of my favourite songs in that genre..

ok so thats a first chapter of songs that have influenced me.. hope i didnt bore people too much. if i can find some of the other songs that i have loved through the years then perhaps ill share them as well.. ah well heres to hoping.

and heres to finishing work for the year!

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Steve, I love the new look
Got some tracks to send you, check facebook