Wednesday, 14 January 2009

fevers not mirrors

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

ok so this will probs be the last chapter in what has been quite an interesting little synth pop journey.. if my brain was any more numb or relaxed i would probably fall the fuck over.

so anyway.. this post is all about fever ray. and her new album.. you may have heard of fever ray cos she is karin from the knife. or maybe you read about her on blouse. whatever.. if you like the knife, then chances are that you will enjoy fever ray..

Fever Ray - Dry And Dusty (taken down by request)

i know that fever ray is a project in its own right, but my numb mind is finding it much easier to measure it in relation to the knife.. kinda lame huh
so basically, i find that fever ray is an introspective, stripped back version of the knife.. while the vocals are as quirkyly scandinavian as ever, the music is much more understated.. the drums and percussion have been held right back which allows them to pour so much thought and emotion into the vocals and synths.. 'if i had a heart' is a good indication of the generally menacing and.. grim sound that they have.. a sound that in many ways mirrors the musical direction that a certain mr trentemoller has taken

Fever Ray - Seven (taken down by request)

i have to admit that the finished product is quite hard to get into- especially for someone (me) whose mind has lost the musical attention span he had earlier this week.. anyone looking for 'heartbeats' pt2 will be bitterly disappointed..
i feel like there is probably much untapped detail in these songs but i also feel like you have to really be in the right state of mind to uncover it..
my birthday two bender is fast approaching.. there will probably be no greater time to uncover these details than on the recovery sunday after.

EDIT: since ive had to take these tracks down, check out these remixes of 'if i had a heart'.. hopefully they can tide yall over til the 18/23 march release date

Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart (Familijen Remix) (prefix mag link)

Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart (Fuck Buttons Remix) (stereogum link)


Anonymous said...

This is a solo project, not a group.
Shame you didn't get it first off as there are many delights to be found here.

Steve said...

damn indeed it is.. my mistake.

yeah i can really feel that there is a lot of good to get out of this album but i think that it might take me a while to crack.