Thursday, 15 January 2009


Thursday, 15 January 2009

i remember first seeing the demo of zzz's lion floating about blogland many many moons ago so it was kind of strange seeing it resurface again under the wing of bang gang 12 inches.. the promo page reveals that it has apparently it has been quite the journey between now and then.. a journey that has consisted of 18 months, 700 emails, 500 phone calls, 400 text messages, 30 artwork changes, 7 tracklist alternatives, 10 software meltdowns, 5 mastering attempts, 16 arguments, 10 tantrums and 6 breakups. wowee.. luckily the song is good hey

youve probs already heard the O-G and the bagraiders mix so here is breakbot's interpretation.. the piano is right up his alley but the disco strings that he adds in are rad too.

ZZZ - Lion (Breakbot Remix)

also - here is the b side (a2 side) 'leonine' as well.. more pianos.. more nice nice..

ZZZ - Leonine

i never thought that garageband-like pianos would ever get me but it seems like they have..

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