Thursday, 15 January 2009

hello duncan

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Geyster is duo Gaël Benyamin and Pernilla Grönlund, a pair of music school graduates whos first album was co produced by Joachim Garraud and signed to Virgin France.
They make modern disco, very camp, lots of vocals (i dont know if they sing on most tracks but it wouldnt surprise me) and extremely polished. This would start or end a night perfectly, or supply your beach house with a slick soundtrack.

Geyster - Under The Fuse Of Love

Nightshift - All Night Through (Geyster Remix)

The Maneken (Evgeny Filatov) gets a few more synths and vocoders in his arrangements, but still kills the disco soul sound and songwriting with modern production. He comes from Ukraine, where his label, Tasty Sound Records, is mostly lounge and euro.

The Maneken - If Time Has Gone

The Maneken - Magic Force


Richard The Hedgehog said...

mmm thankyou very much steve. right up my alley

first geyster link is dead :(

Steve said...

link is alive now

Steve said...

and i cant take credit for those songs- that was duncans first post! good huh