Sunday, 11 January 2009

is this what a monster does in his spare time?

Sunday, 11 January 2009

When will I Monster freaking bring out a new album? I can't listen to the same bizarre shit on a Sunday afternoon forever.

I Monster - Daydream in Blue

I Monster - Some Thing's Coming

I Monster - French Mods Can't Drink

I Monster - Sunny Delights

Been listening to Neveroddorever, their second album from 2003, for like a million blog years. Love love love them. Their first album These Are Our Children is available for free download from here. It's way more quirky and bizarro than their second album. Who seriously thinks to use a whining horse as a soundtrack? And have an exit/farewell song at the end ha.


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Anonymous said...

try metronomy both albums, try rubin steiner drum major (some songs)... try blu tribunal (akufen + rip off artist + freeform), try oizo latest album, try portishead latest album... have a good one

Rachel said...

oizo and metronomy on a sunny sunday arvo, portishead on a grey one, nu jazz is an acquired taste that i will work on, thanks x

R.W. said...

Daydream in Blue doesn't seem to work. Do you mind to re-post it? That picture is frightening, by the way (nice work).

Rachel said...

ok i've re-posted