Monday, 12 January 2009

upon further inspection

Monday, 12 January 2009

okay, so i was so into that estate remix i posted the other day that i felt absolutely compelled to look into this mysterious group a bit further.

i was rather pleased when it turned out that the original tracks were the lushest, coolest, most colourful tracks this side of cut copy.
while the gigamesh remix might have made estate more d-floor ready, it certainly wasnt a patch on the originals - and i did say something about it being the best remix i had heard in a while.

Estate - Let Her Know

i love the way estate are so effortlessly cool- the way their music feels so restrained. let her know has been on repeat for me ever since i first heard it. i even made it my morning alarm.

Estate - Write To Make

Estate - I Want You For Myself Too

the secret behind these amazingly subtle yet emotive tracks would have to be the skillful production- how they have made every element fit together nicely. nothing competes for your attention. listening to these songs is bliss. its no accident either.. like cut copy, estate have their own production house called transonic. so cool. so damned cool. argh

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