Tuesday 24 March 2009


Tuesday 24 March 2009

Not that anyone cares, but i had my first Blouse post torn down the other day. I put up some Metronomy remixes a few weeks back and was sent notification by the good people of Blogger i'd been nabbed for my bad boy ways. The email read something to the tune of "you're a tool that posts cool shit, and we don't like it. In accordance with our global takeover plans your post has been placed on a USB stick and will be executed by vigorous removal from a computer port without the safely remove hardware feature."

I needed some relief from the obvious stress this caused so i went to see the Archibald's last week with a lady friend. As i traversed the gallery's travertine floors and scanned its whitewash walls amongst Sydney arty types - in thick frame glasses and vintage jackets - i had an epiphany of sorts. I cream for stylised, idealised and saturated imagery. Basically, i like corsets.

I was enraptured when i studied Georges Bataille's Story of the Eye in an undergrad philosophy unit. It's about adolescents making omelettes during violent orgies. This led me to read Philosophies of the Boudoir by the Marquis de Sade, which is pretty much the same story with more people.

So as i approached Anthony Bennett's striking Archibald entry (shown above), entitled Self-portrait in the bathroom discussing beauty, Bukowski and Brett Whiteley with my ex, now a stripper, who likes to dress as Wonder Woman, i was well primed for some outlandishness.

Someone should do a portrait of SebastiAn, with a half-smoked cigarette sloping from the side of his mouth.

SebastiAn - Motor


benjimite said...

Just went to the archibald yesterday, voted for the self portrait in the fan favourtites comp. Did you know Bennett had a painting in each of the three prizes being shown in the exhibition? What does blouse recommend for this weekend in Sydney?

Acid Midget said...

I voted for Bennett in the fan favourites as well :)
I didn't know he had three paintings on display but i hope he does well!
Blouse recommends a few social drinks, dirty dancing to electro (Steve would say "house!") and some sweaty group hugs.

Oh, and check out this place:

Cheers Benji.

Steve said...

yes i know im getting a bit soft in my old old age.

i think picnic at lux looks good for all yall going out tomorrow night and are in the mood for some sweet as disco


Rachel said...

This appeals to certain parts of me