Thursday, 19 March 2009

set myself on fire

Thursday, 19 March 2009

more music from the land of sad today.. cant seem to tear myself away from the quaint sounds of stars. i wanted to feature stars in the next comedown-core post but i like them too much - they are ready to have their own post i think.

if there is one song that qualifies them for the coveted comedown-core status, it would be 'going going gone'.. probably one of my favourite songs, the way the lyrics and simple chords work together to channel youthfully heartbroken emotions and feelings is somewhat breathtaking and suit my current moods to a 't'..

Stars - Going, Going, Gone

i havent been a core fan of stars since day one or anything and to be honest, going back through their older albums wasnt the earth-moving experience that id hoped it would be. the angst tinged electronica of the sad robots ep was much more up my alley. also up my alley was the remix album 'do you trust your friends?' that they released in 07.. some seriously sunny moments on it.. (despite what pitchfork reckons)

probably my favourite is this final fantasy cover of your 'ex lover is dead'.. it sits along the same lines as 'going going gone' but replaces the lush synths with cinematic pianos and strings. kind of quirky but the lyrics are again the centre-piece of this track as they trace the minor histories of a couple's failed relationship.
although the original is full of freshfaced indie folk production, the delicate pianos of this cover really emphasize the wistfulness (aka wist) of the lyrics.

Stars - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (Final Fantasy Cover)

this next remix of 'he lied about death' was really artfully produced by metric.. has a similar cinematic feel to a lot of the avalanches or m83 remixes.. the pulsating pianos are really quite awesome.. like sun off the water.

Stars - He Lied About Death (Metric Remix)

and finally is this junior boys remix.. pretty much straight up and down junior boys so you can imagine the simplistic and down-tempo tone that this track takes.

Stars - Sleep Tonight (Junior Boys Remix)

in summary, im busting my pants waiting for the stars lp to arrive..


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the downloads. I haven't had much exposure to Stars, so this is an interesting listen. Later.

Steve said...

stars are amazing i hope you liked them.. cant wait for the next album