Friday, 6 March 2009

suck my fist

Friday, 6 March 2009

Writing about MSTRKRFT's new album Fist of God is putting me in a very tentative position. In light of all the criticism that's been dumped on it across the blogosphere it feels like i'm playing hot potato using Mr. Hankey - and the music has just stopped.

Word on the interweb is the album is a sack of shit. The KRFT set the bar so high with The Looks and a clutch of uber-banging remixes that fans, some critics and a fistful of self-indulgent bloggers expected the MDSTCH (i mean Midas Touch. My apologies, i'm trying to wow you with my anti-vowel motif).

MSTRKRFT - Bounce (A-trak remix)

It's like how 808s & Heartbreak was considered a used tampon by legions of Kanye fans when it was released. I'll concede that Yeezy's head is rammed quite the way up his own arse, but from an artistic angle the album is innovative and daring. The masses found it hard to digest something that required aural effort, like the first night in a new pair of nut-pinching drainpipes. C'mon people, let's dig a little deeper into that aesthetics bag for this album.

Looking at Fist of God as objectively as my ego, a cognitive hard-on watching Swedish porn, will let me it's a step up from The Looks. It still has the dirty riffs and grinding distortion which made their debut a classic. You could party to it, gym to it or sex to it. But this time around we're bombarded by rappers like E-40 and Ghostface Killah, which is a love/hate combination to me. Merging raps with electro isn't a new thing though - it's been around since the days of Miami Bass - but it works well on this album.

MSTRKRFT - Bounce (Teh Interweb Kidz Remix)

On the flipside it does get a little rep-rep-repetitive and the track 'Heartbreaker' is a real low-point. But 'Vuvuvu' is genius, 'Bounce' is a banger's banger and 'It Ain't Love' is a one-night-stand anthem proper.

The Canadian lads are currently touring the US, with the official Fist of God release set for late March.

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