Monday, 6 April 2009

how about that

Monday, 6 April 2009

a while ago i read a hilarious album review in vice. it was a review of the late of the pier album and basically just said that indie bands are now so keen not to sound like the libertines et al that they are ending up sounding all electronic-y. at the time i thought 'haha: true'.

a few months down the track (ie now), im finding this little theory being proven again and again, particularly with with aussie bands.. they seem to be trying so hard to shed the incredibly unsexy powderfinger/living end/traditional aussie indie pub sound that they have ended up sounding like cut copy or daft punk. not that im complaining or anything.

damn arms are a fairly prime example. do you think they can picture themselves playing in the daft punk pyramid?

Damn Arms - Destination Pt 2

i dont want to take anything away from the damn arms ep - it is really awesome (destination pt 2 in particular is good with its uplifting back end - you can buy the ep here) but dont you think that it is quite the far cry from their old indie sound? is that a good thing? is it like someone going for a footy team for a while then swapping sides when their old team starts going shit? hmmmm

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