Monday 13 April 2009

my bones ache

Monday 13 April 2009

Sunday April 12
Metro Theatre

If i could muster the energy i would make this an extended post with all the bells and whistles illustrating how brilliant Killer was last night. But i have all the pep of prozac. My easter long weekend has been massive.

The sold-out show featured Sinden, Trentemoller and Fake Blood. It also featured more pairs of skinny jeans than China could produce in a minute (nb. a shitload).

After an entertaining set from Sydney's Kato, Sinden hit the main stage for a hard mix. His BPM's were defs higher than any other DJ on the night and was responsible for the most de-shirting in the crowd. Fucking insane. I had no idea American Apparel made boy bras.

Trentemoller gets the Velvet Blouse from me - he was the standout. He had a smaller room and less lighting than his counterparts in the main auditorium but made up for this with charisma and good ol' fashion screaming at the crowd. He fingered the decks like a pianist and set an epic mood throughout the small auditorium. The room was very Euro (esp. with the steel frame balcony upstairs) and with hints of Trentemoller's minimal background seeping through it was unlike anything else that night. He deserves every handshake and groupie that comes his way.

Who is Fake Blood? That's what most people say about him and, like Daft Punk, he remains an enigma. I was expecting a Spartan built, well-dressed demon to impale Sinden before engulfing the lock-jawed crowd in an electro inferno. But he casually approached the decks in a flannel shirt and army cap looking about 40. Not to deny the show's headliner wasn't radtastic though. He cut sic for about 90 minutes with his colourful and easily absorbed tracklist. The place erupted when Mars dropped.

Ok, i'm off for a massage and sushi. Happy Easter guys.


MS-DOS said...

fake blood is/was dj touche. I thought his set was crazy at parklife but after last night seeing The tricks he was doing with the hot cues on the cdj's and the scratching on his serato setup was amazing! i would put him up there with boys noize as one of the most technically skiled dj's ont he planet

Acid Midget said...

Yep i caught him at Parklife too, it was awesome. Did you hear Mars about 10 times that day? He's defs world-class (yes, his scratching was amazing).
Thanks for the comments.