Monday, 18 May 2009

the art about no art

Monday, 18 May 2009

I haven't been this excited since discovering the savage comments section in Vice's DOs & DON'Ts. But hearing about Sydney band No Art is SO much better than reading a bunch of hipster keyboard warriors insult each other's taste in fashion and boys.

The indie trio - Trish (bass), Vivian (guitar) and Charles (drums) - sounds like Beaches meets Vivian Girls. They say it's "children/ambient/jungle" on their MySpace and i have no idea why. It's way cooler than that. Want to know how i know?

Well, i asked the affable Vivian myself. We discussed their upcoming Siberian Nights DJ set, future releases and wolves howling during a full moon.

How and when did No Art form?
"No Art formed on January 5 this year, after a little jam session in a small room. We remember the exact date because we were shocked that these three points of the Holy Trinity, so to speak, had finally come together. And also because we kept the rehearsal room receipt."

How would you describe your sound to newbies?
"We've called it 'middle of the woods nocturnal chant circle', but you could also say 'noise'. "

What do you want your audience to feel and experience through your music?
"We want our audience to feel and experience, period. Beyond that, we like to try and recreate the feeling of reaching the summit of a mountain through the mist during a full moon, while the wolves are howling."

Kinky. So you're doing a DJ set at Siberian Nights this week, who will man/woman the decks?
"Trish and I 'DJ', though really we're just playing songs we like whilst trying not to spill our drinks on the decks. Charles brings the said drinks to us."

What can we expect from that set? Can you drop a few names?
"Usually we drop a bit of ESG, Liars, Nina Simone, Liquid Liquid, Invisible Conga People, Ebony Bones, Boredoms, James Chance, and stuff from African mix tapes."

Are there any upcoming releases slated for this year?
"We're hoping to get something proper down in the next couple months, so you should hear something official soonish. We'll yell when it's on."

No Art will play at the Excelsior (64 Foveaux St, Surry Hills) this Friday at 9pm, supporting Potential Falcon before they head to La Campana (53-55 Liverpool St) for their Siberian Nights DJ set at 11pm. Tix are $10 on the door, $5 with a flyer.

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