Monday 18 May 2009

noise in the pit

Monday 18 May 2009

i know that a lot of you out there will have already recived, listened and moved on from passion pit's album 'manners', but i thought it was worth mentioning cos it has been officially released in the US and UK today (or so im been told).
i have to admit that michael angelakos' shrill vocals arent always my cup of tea but the music is usually fun and upbeat so i think ill let it slide. besides, it will be fun seeing everyone doing a bit of bandwagon jumping in the next few months.

in the meantime, and to celebrate the release of their album (good work kids), here are a couple of remixes done by mongrel american's wallpaper:

Passion Pit - The Reeling (Wallpaper. Remix)

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Wallpaper. Dio Remix)

there seems to be a lot of different ideas crammed into these remixes but i like it. creamy synths meet the woodwind section meet eastern sounding pianos meet booming basslines meet thumping drums. both tracks are topps az bro but i think that the marching-band-in-hammocks vibe in 'the reeling' makes it a holographic stand out.

as a bit of an extra treat, here is a remix that passion pit did for dan black which i couldnt recommend more. seriously when the 4/4 kicks in and hook up with dem synths, shit goes crazy in such a nice, clean respectable way.

Dan Black - Symphonies (Passion Pit Remix)

dan black's album drops on july 6..

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