Wednesday 20 May 2009


Wednesday 20 May 2009

you know one reason why a lot of people really rate brad pitt and christian bale as actors? because they are truly diverse. people that can entertain other people in different ways are always impressive.

one such person that has recently been whipping out his big diversity is 2112 homeboy burns. the last few months have seen him enjoy banga notoriety courtesy of his linus loves, yuksek and filthy dukes remixes, but his two new mixes showcase a side of him that few would have thought existed..

yeessss i know- another damned passion pit remix- but this one is really damned good. very bouncy and happy with synths like the northern lights.

Passion Pit - The Reeling (Burns Remix)

at first i thought that burns' take on 'we are the people' seemed a little unfinished, but then i came to really enjoy its stripped back simplicity. strong simple basslines and gently progressing synths make it very nice to listen to indeed.

Empire of the Sun - We Are The People (Burns Remix)

burns: the brad pitt of electro house.

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