Tuesday, 5 May 2009

heading downtown.. beep beep

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

my mate cam (downtown brown to all you c*&ts in canberra) is an unbelievable dj..
he plays the funkiest, most obscure and diverse beats, and is known for his vast collection of vinyls.
while his return to sydney has seen him grace stages at lush venues such as the loft, bungalow 8 and tonic lounge, it is one particular night that he has just started in canberra that is getting me all frothy..

the night is called 'sounds from the loft' and is basically a homage to the great NYC nightspot. the first of these monthly tributes was held at hippo lounge last weekend and although i was in canberra, i stupidly missed it. to all you canberra peeps- don't make that same mistake next month.

before i get into the promo, i have a little confession to make: prior to listening to this chunk of mix, i didnt really know much about the loft. after listening to it however, i have started wishing for the delorean to pull up outside.
david mancuso (founder of the loft) may sound like a person that has had his hearing damaged by drug use, but his choice of music is flawlessy impeccable:

David Mancuso Live Pt 1 mediafire link

to whet the appetites of the few culture appreciating canberrans, cam is uploading the next two parts of this mix via facebook event pages prior to the events.
i know its hard to sign up for facebook events before they are created, but believe me- if you find out how to do it, you will be quietly pleased.

if you feel like something that is less of a challenge and would like to see young cam weave some wheely-steely magic, then that would probs be quite the good idea.

Downtown Brown May Dates

Friday 8th THE LOFT
Saturday 9th TONIC LOUNGE
Saturday 23rd PARLOUR Winebar (Canberra)
Friday 29th THE LOFT
Saturday 30th HIPPO LOUNGE, "Sounds from The Loft"

would it make sense/be fun if he also ran a 'sounds from the loft' night at the loft in sydney? hmmm

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