Tuesday, 5 May 2009

never fall for a groupie

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

What happens when you read too many FMLs in a row? You might get into a weird web-warp state. After 20 FMLs even the funniest, bestest posts become mundane. You start skim reading. You need to pee. "Oh shit", you think. "I need more exercise".

So, like me, you go for a jog this afternoon. You play Planisphere on your iPod and it gives you the perfect combination of a steady beat and chargy pipe organs to get your heart thumping and your pores pouring. But your virgin lungs, over-taxed by social smoking and city smog, begin aching. It's not too late though. With the wind in your face and saccharine scent of jasmine in your nose you feel free!

Expect Splendour in the Grass to make you feel the same come July 25 & 26. Tickets are on sale May 14, from 9am, but i bet most peeps will be scrambling to come up with the $240 needed to make the weekend-long festival. Camping under the stars will set you back another $132. With the younger and less experienced members of the workforce either jobless or facing redundancies these days Splendour is unlikely to sell as fast as previous years.

My bet is the sweet line up will get Rudd bonuses out of bank accounts to finance the trip to Byron Bay for a weekend of Bloc Party, MGMT, MDMA and THC. Whoa.

Here's a bunch of tracks for your perusal, lovers.

Lenny Kravitz - Let Love Rule (Justice Remix)

The Big Pink - Velvet (Gang Gang Dance Mix)

FLRL - Drums of Passion


Anonymous said...

plus an extra 5 odd bucks for the carbon offset tickets omar.. COME ON we have to be environmentally aware in this day and age

Acid Midget said...

Yup you're right. Though i say car pooling and inhaling various forms of smoke deeper would do more than a pithy $5 carbon offset charge.