Friday, 5 June 2009

bertie blackman never been better

Friday, 5 June 2009

So Bertie Blackman was confirmed on the Parklife lineup and she's doing a 'sneaker set'. What exactly is a sneaker set Bez?

Bertie Blackman - Byrds Of Prey taken down by request

Bertie Blackman - Thump taken down by request

Bertie Blackman - Thump (Kid Kenobi's Kosmic Kids Mix)

Bertie Blackman - Thump (Wild Turkeys Mix)

Bertie is Australia's answer to Bjork - minimalist beats mixed with 60s pop, jagged electronica, jazz chords and piercing vocals. "Smart, strange subversive, envelope pushing pop".

Buy her new album Secrets and Lies here


Anonymous said...

She will be playing from the midst of a daft punk-styled lightshow, only instead of a pyramid it will be a giant shoe.

Rachel said...


Steve said...

imagine if daft punk, ettienne de crecy and bertie blackman played at the same festival. backstage mayhem

G. said...

Could someone please tell me who the Wild Turkeys are. I searched around for them but all I could find is a bluegrass band.

Anonymous said...

Wild Turkeys is a new moniker for a German producer who used to go by 'Wayfarer.'