Thursday 4 June 2009

happy x 2

Thursday 4 June 2009

OMGZ. after doing a post celebrating the upcoming release of knightlife II, i managed to completely forget about it (shame on me).
so when cutters shot through an email letting us know that knightlife II had been out since the 22nd of last month, i pretty much slapped myself and sprayed my shorts at the same time.. then promptly went and downloaded & listened to it.

like i said in my earlier post, this release is a strong, confident step in a new (nu?) direction for knightlife.. cos bangin, grindin electro house is just so passe ya know?

i would really like to encourage people to go out of their way to support knightlife and cutters, so i wont post the tracks (get them here), but here is the awesome 'all systems' remix by nile delta (aka riot in belgium) which also features rather prominently on the release..

Knightlife - All Systems (Nile Delta Remix)

and if you havent got tixx for the upcoming cutters bonanza at oxford art factory- then do so here


Anonymous said...

I actually thought this was the weakest track on the EP, much as I like Nile Delta (who is the half of Riot in Belgium that wasn't Beni)

Steve said...

really?? i think this song is awesome! i like the way it works in a similar format to crusader- all buildy and shit.