Saturday 13 June 2009

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Saturday 13 June 2009

do you like the new(ish) kitsune maison compilation? i do.. after a few lacklustre comps, i think this one is a bit of a return to form.. there seems to be a happy, carefree nature running through all the tracks which in turn makes me happy and carefree.

one of the most interesting tracks on the comp is 'xtatic truth' by crystal fighters.. the exotic eastern guitar and chanty monotoned vocals are absolutely fresh.. and if a song can have an aura, then xtatic truth's aura would be directly connected to the local nuclear power generator..

Crystal Fighters - Xtatic Truth (Xtra Loud Remix)

after listening to this track, i was confident that there would be an amazing remix lurking somewhere on the digital release.. but i have to admit that i was the tiniest bit disappointed. the remixes are good, but i dont think any of them hit the nail on the head.

i think the closest to what i imagined was this remix by maybb.. the lead-in and breakdown are sublime, but the serenity is kind of invaded/molested by the rough, 'you-gonna-want-me' bass.. do the two sides of the remix fit together? hmmm

Crystal Fighters - Xtatic Truth (Maybb Remix)

since re-acquainting myself with the beyond the wizard's sleeve remix of late of the pier, percussion filled tracks have seemed particularly interesting to me..
the renaissance man remix is perhaps less fun than the b.o.t.w.s. one, but it still makes air-drumming seem like a legitimate life path.

Crystal Fighters - Xtatic Truth (Renaissance Man Remix)

i probably say this about every track that is released, but i would love to see m83 have a crack at remixing xtatic truth.. or maybe the avalanches..

in other news, i just discovered another parklife related nugget of fun..
erol alkan will be playing a DISCO 3000 SET. what do you think that means? will it involve time-travel? maybe he will play parklife 3000 and 2009 AT THE SAME TIME. i llloooovvveeee these 'kooky' set names


Rod said...

lol doesnt that mean he'll just be playing under his alter called ego disco 3000? like that mix he made last year under that title.

Steve said...

wow those pieces of erol alkan triva escaped me..

confronted with that logic, i think you're right- he may just be playing under the name disco 3000. but why cant he just be erol alkan?

Acid Midget said...

Nah...i prefer the time machine dj set idea.

Dom Terrace said...

omg that Renaissance Man remix is pure GOLD