Friday 19 June 2009

fiction friday

Friday 19 June 2009

She paused mid-sentence, gazed up the midnight street and snapped her mouth shut. She squeezed my hand. “What’s that?” she asked. I looked up the terrace-lined footpath and felt my face go cold. A figure draped in white stood at the top of the street, facing us. It was difficult to make out, but I could see a white stocking over its head.

It started walking.

“Maybe we should get going,” she said, still squeezing my hand.
“Ok, but your place is up that way right?” I said, pointing in the direction of the white figure.
“You’re right. Let’s walk around.”

As we stepped onto the road I realised our palms were damp with sweat. Within moments the figure was only metres from us, still hovering on the footpath. I could hear it breathing heavily, like it had lung cancer or a similarly shitty ailment. It faced the road, about to follow us.

It was about 2am and the street was noiseless. I realised we were alone and without help. At this thought adrenalin hit my brain and I forgot where I was. All I could see was the thing marching toward me. The girl pulled my arm to hurry me. The thing hunched like an old man and stood with one foot in front of the other. We hadn’t reached her front door in time and now the creature was a metre from me.

We stopped walking and it stood close, hunched and breathing coarsely. We stood in silence.

I knew I’d regret it but did it anyway. I kicked the beast in the face. I hit it hard and watched it fall to the road. She let go of my hand and ran through her front gate. She fumbled for keys in her handbag. I caught up and prepared myself to get stabbed or shot if the creature roused. Keys jangled around inside her bag like midget anal beads. Within seconds it got up ran toward us. There was no time to get inside the house. We were fucked.

It unmasked itself and began shouting incoherent ramblings. I gasped when I saw its face. It was a Lebbo.

“What the fuck’s wrong with youse? Can’t ya take a joke?” he yelled. “I’ll be back! Hey, listen, listen, that guy just kicked me.” I didn’t get a chance to hear the rest of his pleading with a passer-by. She got the front door open and we leapt inside, nervously dead-locking the door. We jumped on the couch and turned to each other. There was a slight pause before we started laughing.

“What exactly just happened?” she said, curling her honey-brown hair over one shoulder.
“I think I kicked a Lebbo, wearing a Halloween costume, in the head.”

We kissed hungrily before making love.

At 2.46am I got out of bed for a cigarette. I couldn’t sleep because it was cold. I threw on a sweater and stepped into my snoopy slippers, kissing her on the shoulder. I walked downstairs, snapped open the front door and stepped onto the landing. The street was misty. I lit a cigarette and inhaled luxuriously, remembering my close brush with danger earlier that night.

I heard rustling and spun my head around. Inside the hallway were five figures dressed in long, white gowns. They walked from the back door, which they forced open, then floated quietly upstairs to my bedroom where the girl was sleeping.

One of the figures walked to the door and I choked with panic. I saw his uncovered face as it became exposed in the streetlight. It was a young man with dark eyes and a black bruise on his cheek.

He stepped to the architrave and pushed the door closed.


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Instead of imagining the keys like some anal beads, you should buy some beads in, and I assure you that could give pleasure to your girl.

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Bet it was good sex ;)