Wednesday, 17 June 2009

hump day

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

if monday is the shittest day of the week and friday the best, then that definitely makes wednesday the hump (aka hump day)... we are currently sitting on top of the hump. that is exciting. to help you get through to juicy downhill thursday, here are a couple of excellent songs that i have managed to dig out of our sadly (but temporarily) neglected mailbox.. they are exquisitely chilled and relaxed to help you chill/relax.

first up is a track from blouse favorites estate...

Estate - Insecurity Camera

i think it would be true to say that i have loved basically everything that estate has made. so when i didnt immediately love this track, i was a bit sad. i think i have become a bit sceptical of songs with vocoders/synthesised vocals in recent times.. but after leaving it for a while and coming back, my love for it has bloomed like a precious flower.
with 'insecurity camera' they have made an unrestrained happy song that somehow retains all their trademarked cool cool cool. when i think of this song, i think of a lamb running around on a flowery hillside on a sunny day. a definite hump day soundtracker. check out the video here

going in a slightly different hump direction is this track by rae davis and aether. it is amazing. so hauntingly, atmospherically cinematic. the way the vocals weave in and out of the felt-like melody gives me chills. if this song isnt the title track to the upcoming movie 'humpday' then i will be unhappy.

Rae Davis & Aether - No Drama

enjoy your sleep.. not long til the weekend now...

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