Wednesday, 17 June 2009

i would like a mentor

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Remember when Dizzee Rascal turned on his mentor Wiley and told him to fuck off and then they both released albums on the same day and Dizzee released the song Pussyole about Wiley and then Wiley released a song Letters to Dizzee about Dizzee and it was just so dramatic. “This whole situation is just so very gay,” said the asshole of the two; Dizzee Rascal.

I think Dominique Unique Young is too freaking adorable to do that to the heavy-hitting girls from Yo Majesty who have produced the 17-year-old’s first two tracks and taken her under their wing to mentor.

Straight from the Robles park neighbourhood in Tampa (read: ghetto) to the world stage, this girl’s music fuses rank bitch rap, electro melodies, catchy riffs and golden ghetto funk seamlessly. She’ll be taking the title of ghetto queen from Santogold very soon. She also lives next to the military control centre for the war in Iraq. Somebody say wayoo!

Dominique Unique Young - Music Time

Dominique Unique Young - Hot Girl


ian said...

Since when has Santigold been the Ghetto Queen??!!?!! And what does that mean exactly?? *Smh*

Art Jam said...

Hi Rachel! I work with Dominque Young Unique at Arjam Records, there is any email where I could contact you?

You can contact me at