Monday 1 June 2009

who is she

Monday 1 June 2009

Staring for too long at the breathtaking bodycon of Grace Jones in A View To Kill creates the urge to listen to the gender-bending genre-crossing era-hopping music of the sublime Miss Jones. There is no woman I worship more in every aspect of life than the alluring enigma and muse that is GJ. Oh my…

Grace Jones - Williams’ Blood

Grace Jones - Williams’ Blood (Aeroplane Remix)

Grace Jones - Williams’ Blood (Cosmic Jam Remix)

On Grace Jones’ Myspace (fuck she’s so tech savvy) there’s more intriguing remixes including one from Ivor Guest, the man who convinced Miss Jones to make Hurricane last year after decades of silence… “It doesn’t sound like the past or the future. It sounds like now, whenever now is,” she says.

And listen to more from Aeroplane – the most underrated slash underdiscovered producer in the world right now.


Anonymous said...

Another excellent post Rachel. I worship you like you worship Grace Jones. If we were ever to talk I fear the thundering of my heart would drown out the sound of your soft and sexy words. Dare I reveal my identity to you my sweet?

Your Secret Admirer

Anonymous said...

well i'll give you some clues:

I have nice carpet
I don't like desert
I value clothes pegs

Any ideas??

Rachel said...

fuck you h!

Rachel said...

but also i love you

Eleventh Commandment said...



Anonymous said...

the Cosmic Jam version is one of two remixes (the other and more awesome mix being the 'Electric Dub') produced by Yam Who? He spins at the Mad Racket party this Saturday night at Marrickville Bowling club. All class.

Rachel said...

I looked for the electric dub everywhere! for Yam Who? this weekend

johan_lunds said...

Just came here from Hypemachine, it's my first time reading your blog. First of all: thanks for sharing! I loved the Aeroplane remix and will try to remember to try one of GJ's albums.

And, I also wanted to say I love the design of your blog. Love the sense of framing the background gives (I have a high-res widescreen monitor). Very nice and subtle details overall.