Friday, 24 July 2009


Friday, 24 July 2009

yep today is another one. *excited friday spiel*

melbourne kid cassian seems to have popped up from nowhere.. at first i thought he was the cassian from snob scrilla and csk ok fame, but after listening to some tracks, i knew he couldnt be.. no lo-fi/rough bedroom bangers here - think warm slap-bass-driven funk.. think slick friday soundtrack..

Damn Arms - Destination (Cassian Remix)

jason tyler recently sent us this song recently which definitely grinds and bangs with the best of them.. although i really strongly dislike most sorts of hip hop in electronic music, these vocals actually match the song really well. except for the 'chi-town! chi-town! chicago!' chant. that could have easily been left out.

Jason Tyler - Heartbeats

in other djing related news, good blouse friends sosueme are playing at splendour this weekend. seriously epic news. word on the street is that they were (naturally) pretty excited when they got the call up.
so excited that they went ahead and made a mixtape for their long journey up there.
for people like me who are stuck at home, this mix might be able to act as a sort of teleport machine.. we might not actually be there, but by listening to it we can easily imagine what it would be like.

Sosueme In The Grass Mix by Joyride and Hansom

not working? damn.

in less epic news, me and mandu from electrorash are spinning some sikkk tracks down at soho in the cross tonight.. if youre out and about come down and say hi!


Steve said...

Sosueme In The Grass:

The Road Trip Mini Mixtape of Significantly Epic Proportions

Intro - "Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips"

Into The Galaxy (Grand Master Flash Remix) - Midnight Juggernauts

24 Hour Party People - Happy Mondays

Don't Be On With Her - Miami Horror

One More Chance - Bloc Party

Heart In Races - Architecture In Helsinki

A Message To You Rudy - The Specials

Time To Pretend - MGMT

Drapht - Jimmy Rickard

Polka - Yves Klein Blue

Hollywood - Art vs Science

Skeleton Boy - Friendly Fires

Luc said...

so sad about Damn Arms breaking up. The DCUP remix was the best one done (my opinion). It's dope.
Cheers from Vegas!

Steve said...

yeah i know... think well still be seeing a lot from the boys individually though.. and yes we are a bit partial to dcup beats here :)