Thursday, 2 July 2009

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Thursday, 2 July 2009

what did everyone think of van she's 'ze vemixes'? i have to say that i wasnt overly impressed.
sure, the changes remix was banging, but it really seems like the boys are in the midst of a remixing (vemixing?) identity crisis: to go on making their once genre-changing indie bangers which are perhaps a little stale and over-copied, or to follow most other aussie indie producers of note down the nu-disco road and sacrifice the crazy reputation that they earned for themselves.. hmmmmm... quite a dilly.

with all that aside, here is their new mix of 'synthetiseur' by frenchies housse de racket.. a definite banger to help you reminisce on the good old vst days..

Housse De Racket - Synthetiseur (Van She Tech Remix)


Kish said...

i agree with ze vemixes being disappointing! i like sexual city though...shame they didn't release something more mind blowing

Steve said...

yeah i know! i really expected a lot.. like i said, maybe vst are a bit unsure with their direction at the moment.. or maybe we havent caught up with their genius