Thursday 23 July 2009

nearly there

Thursday 23 July 2009

this sounds really really sad and lame, but this whole month of sobriety has made weekends seem insignificant. thats right. no alcohol and no clubs = nothing to look forward to in steve's sad life. well that actually isnt true.. this weekend is my last weekend off. i can look forward to getting back down to business next weekend. thats a nice thought..

i wanted to celebrate that thought with the new shit robot single 'simple things' which was officially released with a terje remix sometime last week, but apparently we're not allowed to post that yet.. so enjoy instead this rolling wave of a track from 07. amazingly amped and distorted disco

Shit Robot - Chasm

i always expect such diversity and flexibility from dfa artists, but shit robot have really outdone themselves.. while 'chasm' is a tough dancefloor filler, 'simple things' feels like it is being beamed directly into your ears from frankie knuckles' studio in '87. pick it up here

this mock & toof track from late last year is also high up on my 'most enjoyed' list at the moment..
love the hot chip-style road they went down with it.. a far cry from the rest of their superb tech-disco catalogue..

Mock & Toof - Underwater

that boppy bass is really irresistible.. pairing it with the pianos at the end was an absolute stroke of genius. i hope you dont skip through it too much - the way it builds is fabbo. i think it will get you through tomorrow.

bonus psychedelic-disco from mock & toof:

Mock & Toof - Brown Bred

someone was telling me the other day that 90s pianos are starting to wear a bit thin.. what do you think? i think im still enjoying them


Anonymous said...

ahh sobriety sucks.
i feel your pain man.
a month and a half for me - and i cant waait to get messy!

Steve said...

a month and a half?!? whoa thats a good effort. next weekend will be be my fourth and final week and it cant come quickly enough.. kudos to you sir