Sunday, 16 August 2009

go-go go-go

Sunday, 16 August 2009

do you know much about allez-allez? i sure didnt. but after a few quality remixes and an awesome modular podcast mix in recent times, my curiosity was kinda piqued.. i decided to do some research.

after spending a short time convinced that they were the remnants of an 80's synth-pop band from belgium, i came across their actual site and was rather pleased with what was on offer... every week, allez-allez organise a steamy fresh collection of nu-disco, techno, indie and leftfield electronica to be thrown together by their friends and favourite artists.. some of the artists to be featured in previous weeks include etbg's ben watt, luke vibert, animal collective and tronik youth. pretty impressive huh? im 100% sure that the very next thing you should do is subscribe to their podcast.

in addition to this inexplicable awesomeness is a rad collection of re-edits that are available for free download.. on the whole, they have chosen to add a tiny bit of magic to iconic tracks, slightly reminiscent of todd terje or serge santiago i guess. there is a good range of tracks on there but i think that these two might be my fave:

The Smiths - Barbarism Begins At Home (Allez-Allez Re-Edit)

The Pixies - The Thing (Allez-Allez Bootleg)

allez-allez's site: heaven on earth


Kenny Surtani said...


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Steve said...

you understood the underlying message i was trying to get across so well kenny. bespoke suits via allez-allez

Unknown said...

wow, love that Pixies mix. thx!

Steve said...

hey thats the kind of comment i like... no probs :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, the music is awesome!
Are the pictures posted somehow related? Cause i was searching the blog for various stuff and found some really amazing music and even more amazing photos.


Steve said...

Hey Roderick

In most cases the images are simply pretty ones that we have found on the interwebs.. they help us decorate our blog :)

if you like these images, you should check out and if you havent already

thanks for the comments!