Thursday, 20 August 2009

where i should be

Thursday, 20 August 2009

i should still be sitting in front of my computer at work. damn. throwing two weeks worth of unfinished work on my desk and asking for it to be done by end of day is no way to make me feel happy or excited about our new offices.

i admit that i was feeling fairly guilty as i quietly escaped.. but playing this deliciously chilled piece of disco feel-goodery on the way home made me feel a lot better. thanks bottin

Bottin - No Static

sorry for the relative inactivity on here recently.. we've all recently started full time jobs and are finding time a little bit short.. who knew that working would adversely affect your life?

here is an apology token from us- to be used wisely..

Fare Soldi - Il Vecchio e il Mullet (Rodion Remix)

spaced out electro funk like this really needs to be featured on some excellent 70's styled sitcom that is set at some distant point in the future.
i really enjoy fare soldi's music, but to be honest (tbh), i once thought they were a bit of a 2-bit bedroom operation that enjoyed heavily distributing their music via blogs. seeing this proof of their powerful shoulder-rubbing with big boys like gomma wildchild rodion has changed my opinion somewhat. do you think they care?

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MS-DOS said...

just blame it on that dodgy it dude in the boys noize t-shirt!