Tuesday, 25 August 2009

woy, oh, woy do you have to be such a hottie

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Vivian Girls are coming to Australia! That is good news! I dreamt I was a mound of dirt last night. This definitely tops that!

Can’t get enough of their 1960s Beach Boys-esque heavy reverb. Or their 1970s psychedelic harmonies and jangling guitars. Or their 1990s looking haircuts. Not sure what they may take from the 1980s, maybe the punky guitar thrashing.

The tracks are from their new album Everything Goes Wrong, due out in September.

Vivian Girls - Tension

Vivian Girls - When I'm Gone

And listen to a super nice and sweet Daisy Chain cover here

SYDNEY: Fri 25 Sep @ Spectrum
MELBOURNE: Sat 26 Sep headlining Spring Tones @ Roxanne Parlour
HOBART: Sun 27 Sep @ Brisbane Hotel
MELBOURNE: Wed 30 Sep @ Northcote Social Club
ADELAIDE: Thu 1 Oct @ Metro Hotel
BRISBANE: Fri 2 Oct @ Step Inn
NEWCASTLE: Sat 3 Oct @ Sound Summit

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Martin McCullagh said...

if they do not come to the uk soon i will be so sad.