Friday, 4 September 2009

little piggies

Friday, 4 September 2009

Good news - Glasnost have an album coming. What it’s called and when it’s scheduled for release i have no idea. Even the band is sketchy on the details, that’s how fresh this news is.

But here’s a teaser to tickle your little piggies with:

Glasnost – No Survivor

Their sound has matured considerably since the last time we featured them. That distinct tech-house sound, mixed with hints of disco, has gone from great to awesome faster than the onset of a mustard cringe. Glasnost sound like warm butter spreading on toast. Soft, yet crisp.

Play this track and bask in hearing something like Cut Copy at a pool party while Tiga skips in pink trunks and The Midnight Jigglos lounge about in floating couches, sipping martinis.


Anonymous said...

Cool. Glasnost means "Loudness" i rough transaltion on Serbia-Croatian-Slovenian, etc. Gotta check these out!


Acid Midget said...

Thanks for the facts Roddy. Apparently Glasnost also means 'freedom of speech' in Russian.

It means 'fucking crazy bangers' in English. But don't quote me on that.