Saturday, 10 October 2009

school of seven bells

Saturday, 10 October 2009

I feel that, in my old age, my music tastes have moved away from bangers and into shoegazey, chilled out electronic hip hop and dream pop. My nerve endings are no longer crazy and raw. I realise that this is probably only how I feel for this week but whatever, the fat is in the fire.

School of Seven Bells - White Elephant Coat (Early Demo Version)

School of Seven Bells - Iamundernodisguise (Vocal Mix I)

School of Seven Bells - Half Asleep (Alternate Version)

School of Seven Bells sit perfectly at the crossroads of Massive Attack and The Knife / Fever Ray (ie me) and Interpol I believe. When I hear of them touring with M83 and Bat for Lashes I contemplate moving out of this country temporarily, fo' real. They’re about to release a deluxe version of Alpinisms with some super deluxe tracks like these just posted.


Pants said...

these songs have totally made my day. Thanks buddy!!

blouse sydney for the win. amazing taste as always.

Tim said...

mine too!