Sunday, 15 November 2009

icky space

Sunday, 15 November 2009

good news! 70's cosmic disco extraordineer space has just been officially signed to nang! that means that over the next year or so, space's albums (which sold over ten million copies f.y.i.) will be remastered and re-released. exciting times indeed.
it really is a testament to the quality and timeless..ness of his sound that labels are still keen to re-release his work thirty years after his hey-day. good work!

to celebrate, nang are releasing a space remix cd packed full of reworks, rejigs, rethinks and versions from the likes of bottin, acos coolkas, d-pulse and all-time blouse favourite ichisan.
while the entire release might sound like roger troutman and h.a.l. having a no-pants party, it was ichisan's contribution that really caught my attention:

Space - Just Blue (Ichisan's Quatro Diversion)

the raw drama that a song like this can conjure is enough to make me blush. any band/man that is willing to passionately pound as many power chords as these will always have a spot in my bed. probably.

to check out the re-released albums or to grab your copy of the remixes vol 1 compilation, head over here.

in other related news, ichisan has been busy bee of late.. i stumbled across this new track a few days ago and still cant seem to pry it out of my headphones. compellingly sophisticated space funk fo' dat ass:

Ichisan - Full Bet Rule

catch up with your man ichisan right here.

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