Thursday, 19 November 2009

something to do

Thursday, 19 November 2009

well well.. it only seems like yesterday that i was whinging about how cold it was. one blink and ive suddenly find myself smack bang in the middle of november and right at the feet of what is surely going to be the best summer ever.

it seems that modular are every bit as excited for the 'silly' season as everyone else.. accordingly, they have decided to throw 2 massive parties in sydney and melbourne... maybe its their way of say "thanks" for supporting them through a tough 2009. or maybe getting everyone together to have one last trashy modular party for the year in the name of christmas was just a bit too tempting..

the line ups that they have assembled are really quite good and read like a "who's who" of the excellent modular artist roster (probably cos thats exactly what they are).
check out the line up of the respective parties below.. mouth-watering summery fun:

Melbourne at the Espy, 19th of Dec
Tame Impala, Jonathon Boulet, Muscles(??), Bang Gang, Canyons, Knightlife, Andee Frost, Bongmist, Toni Pepperoni, Nick Foley, Modular Djs

Sydney at Beach Road, 12th of Dec yo
Tame Impala, Jonathon Boulet, Ladyhawke (DJ set), Bang Gang, KIM, Canyons, Tim (Cutters), The Swiss, Graz, Anna Lunoe, Modular Djs

the sydney party is only a somersault away from my house, so my ticket is already procured. just thought i would let you know.

sydney peeps can get tix here and melb peeps can get tix here..

modular have kindly provided us with ticket-purchasing/thinking music by promising newcomer jonathon boulet.. an introspective look at his first single "a community service announcement" from the album leaf

Jonathon Boulet - A Community Service Announcement (The Album Leaf Remix)

jonathon "boules" boulet's debut album is really really just about to drop- if you are excited by this, you can pre-order the album here or sip a drink to toast young bouley here


Anonymous said...

what was that? muscles playing at the melbourne show? scandal? drama? politics?

Anonymous said...

muscles can get stuffed.

Steve said...

amen to that