Friday, 20 November 2009


Friday, 20 November 2009

its friday today and that can only mean one thing. techy tech bangers as far as the eye can see. if i wasnt going to canberra to have a nice civilised dinner, i think the weekend would consist of me sweating it out between some sweaty gurneys in a darkened sweaty, debauched sweat den.
ahhhh sweat, tech's closest and strongest ally.

if i was to compare this style of eye beast to any sort of animal, it would have to a kangaroo.. bouncing seems to come naturally to this track and it would probably kick the s**t out of you ran into it in a dim sweat-house.

Style of Eye - Kirstenbosch

this popof track is so supreme in the way it channels other tech-noise masterpieces like 'church of nonsense' and 'hot knives', yet also manages to throw in a kind of upbeat sophistication into the mix.

Popof - Mr Orange

while im discussing sweaty techno, i would also like to mention my main man honnery's birthday which is on sunday.. you might know this fellow as "chris" from the brag or as half of local sweat-makers diatribe.. im sure he will be out at some point on the weekend (probably at spice) so if you know him and happen to see him, please wish him a happy birthday from me.

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