Sunday, 22 November 2009

mr robot

Sunday, 22 November 2009

sweaty sweat it out-er harris robotis has just popped out a new single.. it is called 'up all night' and is a twitchy 90's flavoured tech monster destined to have many a cowering punter crawling to a discreet corner to cover their heads.

Harris Robotis - Up All Night

haha well maybe it isnt that brutal.. but it sure is aggressive. it might be the refined cousin of a song like that.

the release also features an auspicious remix from herr knightlife.. i kinda figured that every one had heard this mix before (it is also known as 'go!' and has been floating around blogville for nearly two years) so here is the intriguing reprise of up all night which features some superb slap bass and some strangely off-kilter piano..

Harris Robotis - Up All Night (Reprise)

up all night is out now.. check it out here

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