Saturday 30 January 2010

see ya bye

Saturday 30 January 2010

hola from south america! today im doing it in style and typing a post from an internet cafe.. oh la la.

i dont really know if its the backpacker lifestyle, the buenos aires nightlife or the two combined, but i have never partied this hard in my life. i think its pretty much standard practice around here to walk out of a club at around 7am.. we havent really been in any state to "check out the sights".. but i hope that will change soon.

anyway, with all these late nights/early mornings and attempts to sleep in swelteringly humid conditions, my music choice has been somewhat chilled.. this track by tensnake is one of the sexiest chilled songs i have heard in a long time.. it is an early-morning/just-woke-up bed burner that builds slowly slowly and ends with the most subdued, sophisticated fireworks ive heard in a while.

Tensnake - Congolal

its a shame that i didnt get to fire off a post before i left australia.. being disorganised is apparently something that im good at.

my last weekend in sydney was pretty choccers with amazing music..
friday night was the sydney festival future classic night which featured personal favourites aeroplane and trevor jackson.. i dont particularly feel the two sets gelled, but both were fun in their own way. trev jackson brought some tough, slinky tech house while aeroplane packed their usual bunch of party starting disco and filter house.. so much fun

Low Motion Disco - Love Love Love (Aeroplane Remix)

saturday night saw onthefly and deep impressions joining forces to bring dfa stalwart shit robot to goodgod.. jimi polar started proceedings for me incredibly with a motley collection of disco, tech-house, and indie dance.. i dont claim to know everything about music, but the fact that i knew hardly any of these amazing songs really surprised me.
shit robot came on a little later after much jimi polar buttering, and i have to say that his swirling, sometime tickling/sometime stabbing tech-disco went down a treat.. he didnt look at all like i thought he would, but by this stage i had wandered a little too far down the "farewell sydney - let celebrate!" path to care.. good god may be a little smelly but the night was again, so much fun..

Dondolo - Dragon (Shit Robot Remix)

so anyway, i wont be back for a few weeks.. have fun without me.. ill try and have fun without you


antonia said...

awsome midblowing can be the words used to explain abt this one

Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such stories. I love to read stories like this. BTW add more pics :)

Kish said...

so much win in this post!

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