Thursday, 25 February 2010

miss u tory...

Thursday, 25 February 2010

OK i've got my music pants back on, after a hiatus caused by lack of disk space. It's been sorted.

Sooo i've been digging Toro Y Moi lately, and not because he's been deified across the blogs/twitter.

It's because his music is like a Sesame Street chill session. Oh, and he has a really alt name: Chazwick Bundick. To have chaz, bun, wick and dick in your name means you're basically born awesome and will have an incredible life filled with Dom Perignon, swimsuit models used as furniture and E'd up fans telling you how they had the best sex of their life to this song:

This sounds like the love child of Prince and Grandmaster Flash that learnt to paint graffiti tags like "MINK" or "DOLITTLE" in the New York subway during the mid-80s just to piss off its parents.

This defs sounds like what Panda Bear would record from lazy electronic samples after eating trips to the Cuban Salsa Championship on Fox Sports.

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