Monday, 1 March 2010

in bed

Monday, 1 March 2010

well i hope you all had fun at mardi gras - it sure was a crazy night.. unfortunately i missed a large portion of this craziness after being detained against my will on a "party" bus..
no use in whinging.. i think im going to have to just cry in silence as i write this post.

various versions of this phreek plus one burner seem to have found their way onto nearly every disco compilation made in the past few months.. russian mystery-man/spook sportloto hooked the world up with this epic disco banger that retains the galactic 'astro' from the original but drops in an airbus-a380 sized load of funky basslines as his interpretation of the 'boogie'.. sooo good.

Phreek Plus One - Astro Boogie (Sportloto Alpha Remix)

prins thomas
' mix of freeland's 'morning sun' has been floating around for a while but seems to have somehow slipped under the radar.. starting off as a smoky little indie-dance remake, this number doesnt really get going til around the half way mark, when the melody commando rolls its way under some pretty intense wailing to take this track by the scruff of its neck.. typically amazing composition and arrangement from prins thomas..

Freeland - Morning Sun (Prins Thomas Discomiks)

last up is this classic piece of disco gold from the sos band. it is lifted off their album 'III' from '82.. although seemingly laidback and melancholy in tone, there is an almost-frenetic undercurrent that really makes for compulsive listening.. this track is probably a must-have in the lead up to the next australian installment of horse meat disco (oh yeah!)

The SOS Band - Looking For You

can you believe that summer is already over?? and there wasnt even any easing into autumn. one second it was hot, and then boom - a week of rain and cold days. worst ever.

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