Thursday, 8 April 2010

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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Midnight Juggernauts - Vital Signs

i dont mean to get all spanish on here, but holy fuuuuccckkk.. juggers have dropped a new track & video and they are both off the chaaaiinnn..

'vital signs' sees a return to a more dystopia-like sound - one that they are very very good at making.. their combination of gut-wrenching euphoria and haunting, ghost-house horror make my pants tingle.. it also makes me very excited for their upcoming album 'crystal axis' which will be on the streets may 28.

as for the video.. im utterly confused as to how someone would go about making something like that.. simple in concept, but perfect in execution.. please watch it.

for more juggernaut goodness, check out this mix that they recently created in celebration of their upcoming fabriclive set (which will be taking place on may 7th..) be there or be square. (thanks again to nat from burnt waffles for the heads up)

Midnight Juggernauts This New Technology Promo Mix Soundcloud link

get tickets for the show right here..


Harry said...

Thanks guys love the juggers, can't wait for them to play in Brissy!

Massive fan of blouse. started my own blog cause of you guys keep it up

Acid Midget said...

hey thanks so much harry.. so good having your support for all this time. its taken a little longer than expected for us to get back in the game, but hopefully it will happen soon.

will check out your blog now!

Felix Curds said...

Oh dear goodness! That was amazing! Thankyou for sharing:)

Acid Midget said...

i don't remember writing this...haha

gauze blouse said...

Greeaaatt, Thanks!

Steve said...

so good - glad you liked it :)