Friday, 16 April 2010

still down

Friday, 16 April 2010

yep.. its true.. were still down and its really starting to hurt.. sorry guys- fixing this problem on $0 budget is proving to be tricky.

until we get it fixed, ive whipped a quick, rough header so we arent just sitting on a white background. and i guess well have to resort to good old mediafire to share musics. not ideal but im sure well live through it. sorry.

ok. so- thanks to adult arts club and their amazing podcasts, i have been able to get aquainted with downtown party network..
yes, i too was dubious when i heard that they were called "downtown party network", but after a tiny bit of investigation, i discovered that they were in fact awesome.
check 'heartbreak dancing' for example- a swirling, jacking yet thoroughly cosmic disco banger..

Downtown Party Network - Heartbreak Dancing mediafire link

if you are anywhere near russia or lithania, make sure you get along and see them- they are playing with morgan geist and pete herbert in successive weeks. oh yeah.

the revenge
has also been getting quite a workout on my headphones recently.. aka graeme clark, the revenge is defs at the top of my favourite dusty vinyl re-editers list.. he has a real class about how he picks his tracks, and he does just enough to really bring these tracks back from the dead.. this kashif track for instance is great.. thick, classic slow burning funk that you can't really miss.

Kashif - Help Yourself To My Love (The Revenge New Jersey Soul Mix) mediafire link

while im on this external link s**t, i thought i would get y'all to go and have a look at's soundcloud- in particular 'euphoria': - Euphoria soundcloud link

making tech house music with a live jazz band is hard at the best of times (i think), but do it really well.. if you like what you hear, toddle along and pick up the mix that they recently did for allez allez.. very different and very good.

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