Friday, 14 May 2010

a song for friday

Friday, 14 May 2010

if it were criminal for a person to listen to a song endlessly on repeat for nearly an entire day, then i would be firmly situated behind those motherf^&king bars..
this new song by brisbane all-star youth is utterly addictive and has been blasting my ears all day. unfathomably funky basslines and mickey-mouse vocals from the 'excellent' end of the spectrometer are enough to make this song "ultimate friday song" (for today).

Youth - You Move The Way I Like
(thanks to the amazing Adult Arts Club)

it is available from their soundcloud as a free d/l.. you should check it out, and while you're there check out the rest of their catalogue.. very impressive indeed.

for me, justus kohncke's new release was a bit out of left field.. call me uneducated, but i kind of expected a tight, well-crafted minimal/tech offering- which it most certainly isn't.

Justus Kohncke - Now Phreeq

'now phreeq' is an irresistibly funky track of the nu-disco persuasion.. starting off with some rolling, old-school basslines, kohncke then gently ushers in strings and vox to make this into a "little gem". dam-funk would be proud.

grab 'now phreeq' here.

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